My Story

I am an early years practitioner with years of experience teaching young children. I then found joy in teaching mindfulness and early on learnt that acts of joy, kindness and humbleness go a long way in developing mindfulness.

The Origins of Mindfulness

In order to know where we're going, it's crucial to understand where we've been. This short video looks at the foundations and inspiration for what I am today.

Although the foundations did not look at mindfulness for kids, I have discovered this to be crucial for their development, but also their wellbeing.

Here are just a few of the benefits of mindfulness practice:

*Kindness *Patience *Compassion *Listening skills toward others* Better self-regulation *Longer attention spans * Developing better relationships*Dealing with big emotions *Confidence and self-esteem * Managing stress * Helps improve sleep *Improves physical health *Reduces worry * Enjoyment

Affordable workshops and age appropriate Mindful Time sessions run by an experienced Early Years teacher with an up to date DBS. Contact us now to arrange a meeting.

My Approach

Part of the reason why mindfulness is so effective with children is due to how the brain develops. While our brains are constantly developing throughout our lives, connections in the prefrontal circuits are created at their fastest rate during childhood. Mindfulness, which promotes skills that are controlled in the prefrontal cortex, like focus and cognitive control, can therefore have a particular impact on the development of skills including self -regulation, judgement and patience during childhood. Mindfulness is an evidence based intervention that can benefit both adults and children’s mental health and emotional well-being

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